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We have carried our
23 years of industrial
ozone experience into daily life.**

**Ozonation; It has been proven that if it is applied when there is no human being in the working and living environments, it neutralizes the pathogenic bacteria and viruses that exist in the environment.

Hotel Rooms, Clinics, Pharmacies, Veterinarians, Bakeries...

Every area where humanity interacts during the day can be purified from viruses and bacteria without chemicals by ozonation.

Detailed Information About Our Ozone Devices
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With 20 Years of Experience in Ozone Technology

Our company carries out ozonation system design and manufacturing. Ozone generators and ozonation systems are used in various fields ranging from water bottling factories to textile waste water purification and from disinfection of living and working areas to removal of industrial odors.

You can decide together with our expert engineers on the selection of the necessary device for ozonation of the environments where you live or work.

Ozone Generators, which we have been manufacturing to date, work in more than 500 companies in Turkey and abroad.

Our company is mainly a project and manufacturing company and carries out sales and system installations through dealerships in abroad regionally.

For the dealership

Franchises will be granted to the companies specialized in the following areas.

Industrial Kitchens

Hotels/Entertainment Places

Cold Storage Rooms


Do You Know About Ozone Generator?

It should be noted that ozone gas, such as medicines and disinfectants, can also be harmful if not handled properly.

The issue of which bacteria and viruses will be inactivated by ozonation and under which conditions, in which contact time and at which doses ozone should be applied to the bacteria and viruses, is an engineering study and requires optimization process.

Although the chemical structures of the ozone gas used are the same, the ozone dose and techniques used for disinfection of hotel rooms and food cold storage are very different.

National and International Legislation and Standards on Ozone

In order to accelerate the time of ozone to return to oxygen, it is enough to increase the ambient temperature to 30 degrees using air conditioner or open the windows for 10 minutes.

If a single ozone generator is to be used in the areas to be ozonated, the area should not be separated by separators. If large areas separated by panels are to be ozonized by a single ozone generator, the ozone generator must be placed higher than the panels and/or distributed from the air by distribution channels. Office rooms or confined spaces should be closed with a towel or similar concealer when ozonizing.

Please apply for online support from our experts with more than 20 years of application experience in ozone related to the use area and purpose of your ozone device (you can use the WhatsApp app on our website.)

It must be used immediately as soon as it is produced. For this reason, each enterprise receives an ozone generator to produce its own ozone as much as necessary when necessary.

The user does not have to change, fill, or renew any parts in it. Ozonation is an effective and economical disinfection method known for its very low energy consumption. For the ozonation of a 200 m2 office, up to 85 watts of electricity is spent, while the electricity spent on ozonation of a 5000 m2 area is equal to the expenditure of only a refrigerator or air conditioner.
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