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Gıda Sektöründe Ozon Kullanımı

Zeynep B.Guzel-SeydimaAnnel K.GreenebA.C.Seydimab

Use of ozone in the food industry


Ozone is a strong oxidant and potent disinfecting agent. Even though it is new for the US, it has been utilized in European countries for a long time. Ultraviolet radiation (188 nm wavelength) and corona discharge methods can be used to generate ozone. The bactericidal effects of ozone have been documented on a wide variety of organisms, including Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria as well as spores and vegetative cells. In this review, chemical and physical properties of ozone, its generation, and antimicrobial power of ozone with two suggested mechanisms were explained as well as many advantages of ozone use in the food industry. There are numerous application areas of ozone in the industry such as food surface hygiene, sanitation of food plant equipment, reuse of waste water, treatment and lowering biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of food plant waste. Treating fruits and vegetables with ozone has been found to increase shelf-life of the products. Notably, when ozone is applied to food, it leaves no residues since it decomposes quickly. In this review, use of ozone in food industry was discussed.

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